Children's magic classes
Entertaining, Enriching Magic and the Experience of Wonder!  

Who wants something really special for children 8 years old and up?

Here it is, Magic Classes! Children (of all ages!) love magic, but at 8-12 years old they're a lot more interesd in how the magic works. Well, I'm here to give them (and you) exactly what they want. I offer an exciting and fun filled birthday magic class for children 8 years old and up! 

This isn't a boring lecture, or a class with lame tricks that no one wants to learn anyways. This is an interactive show and tell workshop. I show each trick, with a lot of participation laughter and enjoyment then teach everyone how to do it; THEN everyone gets a chance to practice and even perform for the group if they want! Every child gets to take home a magic kit with everything they need to do their magic. 

Imagine the feeling your child will get, learning how to do great magic for their friends and family! 

Imagine the excitement of learning how to: 

-do the Houdini knot trick! 
-read minds! 
-find a chosen card (in a fun and entertaining way!) 
-tell the future 
-and much more!!!!!!! 

If there are some kids who already know the magic, no problem I will take them aside while the others practice and teach them something REALLY great and amazing. 

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