Children's magic show
Entertaining, Enriching Magic and the Experience of Wonder!  
Give you child a party they will remember forever!

Ready to give your child a super fun birthday party that your guests will be talking about for a long time?
Ready for a magician who will make your child a star on his or her special day?
Ready for a magic show that will entertain the parents as well as the kids?

If so, then you are ready for me!

My name is Courtney Kolb. I am a professional magician and I love doing shows for children's birthday parties. I do a fun, funny and totally interactive show. Magic happens right before your child's eyes and even in their hands, for a magical experience they will never forget.

Everyone at the show helps the magic to happen. Everyone laughs,  everyone says the silly magic words and everyone at the show gets a special souvenir to take home with them. This means all your guests feel great about the experience, and that means you have thrown a successful party.

Your child will laugh and say the magic words along with everyone else, but YOUR CHILD IS THE STAR of the show! Your child will also be invited on stage twice for a magical experience and will return with a gift.
  • Your child will feel so happy when all of his or her friends help to make a birthday card appear int the "Magic Card Shop."
  • Your child is truly the star when he or she participates in a magical adventure. Whether she is Cinder-Red-Riding-Hood going to visit her sick fairy godmother in a fairy tale mix up, or he's a super hero testing out his new powers, magic will ensue. Your child will overcome all obstacles and save the day!
Of course any given month and year only has a certain amount of dates available. If you want to give you child this wonderful experience, and these memories they can treasure forever, call immediately.

Call me at: (510) 220-0189
or e-mail me at:

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